Why Blog? I mean, people never read blogs anyway...right? Wrong!

Why Blog? I mean, people never read blogs anyway…right? See what we did there?

Blogging is an essential tool in today’s virtual marketplace. Almost every business has a website or at least some form of web presence, so it’s time to stop patting yourself on that back. Utilizing social media and keeping up with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are both extremely important (in most cases) for exposure, but are you really connecting with your audience? Using a carefully crafted blog can be the perfect way to relate with consumers and gain valuable feedback that you may not find elsewhere. After all, there is a distinct difference between exposure and connectivity. Your goal should be to engage your audience, opening the lines of communication and giving you captive and interactive consumer. We are NOT suggesting writing a paragraph here and there just for the search engines or for the sake of having more content on the site. This is your opportunity to make your website functional. When you educate, your site becomes a resource. When you’re seen as a resource, you will become more widely accepted as a legitimate business or organization. Don’t worry though, it’s easier than it sounds. Just hang in there. The best part about blogging is that they are meant to be casual. Don’t stress about it like you would most of the other content on your website. The important part is to let your customers know that they are not just dealing with a business; they are dealing with real people, with real thoughts and valuable insight. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Don’t use your blog to blatantly promote products. Instead, try writing about ways in which your product can be incorporated in practical situations.
  • Relate to your consumers. Think about why they might visit the site initially and cater to that. If you own a restaurant, try suggesting a recipe. Then include a link to something similar your offer at your site. Your site should become a resource, not just a business selling a product or service.
  • Blogs are important for two reasons; engaging consumers and increasing traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Focus on your audience first and foremost. Before publishing your blog, make sure you have included key words and key phrases in the content and those are linked internally on your site. (Example: Another common tool in SEO is the production and optimization of a professional web video.)
  • Finally, loosen up a little and make it enjoyable to read. Customers will come back if the content is easy to understand, relatable, and interesting.

Over time you will be building a library of knowledge for anyone to find and become better educated on what they need to know regarding your business. That’s right, old blog posts will remain in place and can even be updated if necessary. Doing two posts per month will give you twenty-four at years end. Visitors at that point will appreciate the wealth of knowledge and when done right, search engines will reward you for focusing on content and keeping your website fresh. Another great thing about blogging is that you will know whether or not you are doing a good job. Visitors to your blog can leave comments, which will allow you to gain their perspective and adjust your strategies accordingly. When used to it’s fullest potential blogging can increase traffic to your site and provide another vital tool for marketing your product or service. So, the real question is- why are you not blogging?

DO and DON’T Summary:


  • Be Casual & Fun
  • Educate & Apply To Your Product Or Service
  • Link To Your Content
  • Consistency: At Least 2 Per Month
  • Build A Library & Become A Resource

Do Not:

  • Don’t Hard Sell Your Product or Service
  • Don’t Mention Your Competition
  • Don’t Be Negative
  • Don’t Run Long (We Are All Busy)
  • Don’t Plagiarize; It’s Bad For SEO & Image


Approx 40-60 Minutes/ Per Post

(Recommended 2 per month minimum)

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