Finding the perfect agency is often a matter of fit.

The Best Advertising Agencies in Wilmington, North Carolina

We have been in business in Wilmington for over 10 years now. Over that time we have learned a lot about our competition and have built a pretty good understanding of the local advertising agency landscape. Sometimes we run into situations where we have conflicts of interest and can not take on a new client that is in direct competition with one of our existing clients.

Never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to competition, here is a list of some of marketing firms that have a solid reputation and history in the Wilmington area:

1. TGK: Tayloe Gray Kristoff goes back to 2009 as a collaboration between a web development firm and branding agency. The two companies merged in 2012 to form TGK. They specialize in marketing & brand strategy, graphic design, website development, social media, printing services and photography.

2. Moxie. They started as a boutique design and web development shop called Graphic Moxie back in 2001. Today they are a much larger firm that still focuses on graphic and website design. They are are known for working collaboratively with other advertising agencies, functioning as an “out-of-house-in-house” design studio.

3. Sage Island is a full-service digital marketing agency that opened up shop in Wilmington in 1997.  Their scope of work includes marketing strategy, creative design, technical development and digital marketing services.

4. Maximum Design is a marketing agency that focuses on lifestyle marketing for real estate developers. Primary services include strategic planning, branding, advertising, digital, event planning, lead generation and PR.

5. Colonial Marketing Group is a local advertising agency that started in 2001. The owner’s background is in TV media sales. They have a large base of local clients and specialize in media buying services for small businesses.

So there are 5 advertising agencies to consider while you are searching for the perfect fit for your business. The key to finding a long-term client/agency relationship that delivers great results is finding a partner that you connect with on a personal and professional level. An exceptional fit is out there. If we are not it, we hope you find it.

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