Inspire is a full service creative ad agency based in Wilmington, NC offering in-house marketing, web development, design, video production, 2D and 3D animation, public relations, and commercial printing services. Keep it all in line with one creative team.

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An environment that's fun, fresh, and full of energy. A great place to work that rubs off on the total client experience.

Meet the Team

Everyone makes a living by selling something. At Inspire, our chief export is creativity. Since 2005, we’ve seen what others don’t and think like others won’t. Inspire isn’t a traditional advertising agency (sorry Mad Men fans). Based in Wilmington, NC our content development specialists are “hands-on” throughout the creative and production processes. We ensure our client’s message is as consistent as it is crisp, by offering our services in-house.

Curtis Thieman

Partner, Creative Director

Jonathan Medford

Partner, Account Executive

Mark Eaton

Post Production Supervisor

Our Clients

Just a few that we've continued to work with over the years...

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